Oven-Ready Lasagna Recipe with Mozzarella and Parmigiano | Barilla


Try Barilla's oven-ready lasagna recipe with traditional sauce and pre-cooked lasagna noodles. This recipe can be prepared in under an hour with the convenience of no-boil noodles!


  1. Posted by cbyr19, — Reply

    I didn’t like the oven ready noodles: the top layer was so crunchy we took it off. Next time I’ll just boil regular ones. I would also get a ball of mozzarella and slice it thinner plus also add shredded mozzarella to the top. I also added cooked ground sausage for meat.

  2. Posted by fuck4422you, — Reply

    I added sautéed spinach, onion & garlic layer on top of the cheese layers. Will make again & try with other veggies.

  3. Posted by curllytralala, — Reply

    The Barilla noodles are the best! I tried it with a different brand once and it did NOT turn out well.

  4. Posted by kvanni21, — Reply

    Added fresh garlic, onion and Italian sausage (venison/pork mix). Good flavor.

  5. Posted by nee30, — Reply

    Great quick week night meal! My favorite way to make lasagna.

  6. Posted by malex05, — Reply

    This is not lasagna pasta! Come on! It’s terrible! By an Italian!

  7. Posted by kortneyholland, — Reply

    The family loved it

  8. Posted by BrePark, — Reply

    It was a hit for my kids.

  9. Posted by mmarshall126, — Reply

    It was too dry for me, maybe if you add some meat it will be better.

  10. Posted by hsmom, — Reply

    I added meat and it was yummy

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