Grilled Shrimp Recipe



  1. Posted by leannecollado1, — Reply

    My husband is a shrimp lover and said that this is the best shrimp he has ever had. I dont do fish but yet I nailed it. I followed the recipe exactly as it is posted.

  2. Posted by strogai, — Reply

    Great marinade. I forgot to dry the shrimp and the marinade didn't stick as well as I had hoped but the taste was great. We'll definitely make it again!

  3. Posted by glreeves, — Reply

    Very yummy! Grill was on fire 🔥 with all the butter. Make again.

  4. Posted by angime30, — Reply

    Oh my goodness, this was SO good. Just as good or better than a resturant!

  5. Posted by eatpier48, — Reply

    It's finally summer and I have an excuse to make these!

  6. Posted by ladyalista, — Reply

    These turned out delicious. My new go-to for shrimp.

  7. Posted by lynaiak, — Reply

    All of my family LOVED the shrimp! Yummy

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